“… thank you Jessica Bader Leonard for creating this awesomeness! To everyone else that has even thought about having something like this done she is the best! Check her out.”  -Lori Kimble on “Boone by the River”

“Look at this amazing painting that Jessica Bader Leonard painted for me of “My Boy” RYDILLUC! I cried my eyes out when she gave it to me! She captured him so beautifully. Thank you so much!❤  ”                                                                                               -Jennifer Contessa on “Rydilluc”

“Jennifer cried when she received the painting, because Jessica had so expertly–so spiritually–captured not just a horse whom Jennifer loves–but a Moment in Time with a soul who is eternally connected to her own.
(A few minutes later, I saw the painting, and I cried, too. I’d met Rydilluc only once–but I could feel the love between him and Jennifer IN the painting.” -Marion Altieri on “Rydilluc”

“We love it so much!!! It’s even more beautiful in person!!”          -Melissa Malkin on “Marley”

“Thank you so much for helping to add an extra personal touch to the end of the year teachers’ gift!”                                                      -Kendra Yustein on some custom sketches